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Come Hither XL

So first impressions of the XL.. I saw pictures of what it looks like but when it arrived, I was surprisingly impressed... Baring in mind the majority of luxury rechargeable rabbits on the market are typically one size...small and slim width. But this XL really does mean extra large.

The box it comes in is very sleek, pretty and is a keeper, you won't want to throw it away at all!  Great toy care instructions on inside of box and a simple instruction manual.

Looking at the rabbit, perfectly seamless silicone, easy simple buttons and a clear charging port. The silicone used is so soft and smooth. And it's not hard either, very bouncy. Some rabbits are so hard and rigid but feeling this I knew it would be gentle on the inside.

I've used the rabbit 3 times already and all in 2 different ways. For me I'm not used to girthy toys. Mainly because I'm petite down south. I'm not a dildo fan so rabbit and clit-stims are my choice. I used water based lube to ease myself into using it, along with starting with the lower settings. Once comfortable, it was very pleasurable. The power is very good! The come hither motion I think is amazing. The fact a toy can give you that motion is brilliant. Even with the clit rabbit ears, they do pump out some strong vibrations which was beaut!

Next night I decided to use the come hither motion for clit stim only. Which was heaven as not a lot of toys can replicate the oral motion, with pleasure and this did.

Downsides... there isn't. I can't fault it. Yes it's a bit heavier than the standard size rabbit but it's science, its has 2 powerful motors and larger so would be heavier. This didnt bother me. I'd rather have the weight for 2 motors and more girth than say just 1 motor.

Over all, if your looking for a rabbit with more girth and something special.. this is it. If you want the finger motion of the shaft but without the extra girth, there is the first Come Hither toy by Rabbit Company. If so, this would be like the sequel to the first one. As like I've said, girth in good quality powerful rabbits aren't very common.

The fact this rabbit has a 5 year warranty as well, you feel pleased that if anything was to go wrong, you've got that warranty. But by looking at the quality of Rabbit Company toys, I know this will last a long time and will be a favourite pleasure choice for me from here on.

Thank you, Rabbit Company for making such a fabulous toy which makes me smile!! -JM